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Small spring jaw infuser

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100% certified Organic Motherwort herbal tea is an essential for women of all ages. It combines two very important things that can help women through challenging times or their natural cycles – calming for the nerves and nourishing to the reproductive system. Motherwort is known for its ability to calm the heart and soothe irregular heartbeats associated with anxiety, pain, nutritional imbalances, and other issues. As with all cardiac issues, please speak with your doctor if you have concerns.


To each cup, add one teaspoon of the dried herb. Let it steep for about 10 minutes before removing the leaves. If you’ve got a problem with the bitter taste, you can try to sweeten it. Add sugar, honey, and/or lemon to your cup of motherwort tea, and mix well. You can also improve its flavor by mixing it with other types of herbal teas such as hibiscus and lavender.


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