How To Buy The Herbs

Need concise information about a herb including dosage? Go to our Herbal glossary. (opens in a new tab)

  1. Choose your bottle size – 200 or 500 mls. This bottle can consist of one herb or as many herbs as you wish. The herbs listed below are premium herbs and can be included in your total but they are in addition to the price.
  2. Write in the space provided the name of the herb or herbs and number of mls (excluding the premium herbs )
  3. Add on any of the premium herbs – purchased by the ml. Premium herbs are rare and very expensive – we are selling them virtually at cost so that they are available to you. You don’t have to use any premium herbs!
  4. The total volume including the premium herbs has to add up to 200 mls or 500 mls.
  5. Final Cost = cost of 200 or 500mls bottle + cost of premium herbs (if any).
    Don’t forget Shipping is FREE !



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