100% Certified Organic Black Tea from India and Sri Lanka


Small spring jaw infuser

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This organic Sencha green tea, originated in Kyoto, Japan, offers a more refined taste when compared with other types of green tea, this in part thanks to the use of very small leaves. This tea is also one of the few were their tea color is actually green and not yellow. Sencha green tea bittersweet taste complements seafood and chocolate very well. This tea variety also shares the same health benefits found in other types of green tea. One of these benefits aids oral health. Green tea offers fluoride in a natural form. When you drink it, your tooth enamel is strengthened and you’ll get fewer cavities. You’ll find these same qualities in Sencha green tea. It also reduces plaque build up as well as bacterial infections that can invade the mouth and refreshes the breath. It’s been proved that green tea is a natural way to increase your immunity. Sencha green tea has very high antioxidant properties as well as being an anti-inflammatory and anti-viral agent. Antioxidants fix the damage that can be caused by excess free radicals created during oxidation. While Vitamins C and E are well-known antioxidants, the levels present in Sencha green tea are hundreds of times more powerful than Vitamin C and twenty five times more powerful than Vitamin E when it comes to protecting the immune system. The most powerful of these in green tea are catechins.


If the water temperature is too low, it may not extract the full range of flavors. If the temperature is too high, the tea will taste overly bitter and astringent. As a general rule of thumb, let the water come just short of boiling. Brew in a teapot or in an infuser in a cup.


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