Holistic Kinesiologist


Thursday’s 10.00am-3.00pm


$150 per hour

Victoria is a qualified, professionally registered Holistic Kinesiologist with 20 years of experience working and studying in the field of Health Sciences.

Holistic Kinesiology​ is a form of complementary medicine. It blends Western techniques and Eastern philosophies with the use of a muscle-monitoring feedback system to isolate and clear stresses, dis-harmony, in the body’s energetic system by activating your body’s innate intelligence for the goal of greater well being.

In this one hour session tailored to you, you decide the goal.

Come on an exciting journey with yourself and reconnect with your potential to be whole, human, healthy and joyous.

….Kinesiology can be most effective in treating depression and anxiety.
….Kinesiology can assist in the healing of sports injuries and long term physical ailments. ….Kinesiology can support women in preparation for childbirth and motherhood. ….Kinesiology can propel you towards your career and lifestyle goals.

Botanica Medicines provides an excellent platform to suggest vibrational remedies to assist you in your healing and goals.

Victoria is also a mother of 4 children, a certified Meditation and Yin-Yoga teacher and is completely passionate about natural childbirth, healthy pregnancy and children’s health.