Remedial Massage Therapist


Thursdays 10am-7pm


$95 for 60 minutes, $80 for 45 minutes, $60 for 30 minutes

Sarah is a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist with a passion for living a healthy and balanced life.

Sarah has developed a range of techniques that she uses to reduce tension in the body, eliminate pain and improve function. She takes an individual approach to her treatments, and works within your comfort levels to reap the benefits of the treatment. She provides take home advice to enhance the benefits beyond the massage table.

Sarah is passionate about educating and empowering others to seek a life with less dysfunction and more movement. In addition to her remedial focus, now a qualified yoga teacher; Sarah has the ability to incorporate elements of Yogic practise or guidance to help you on your path to vitality.

A keen interest in health developed after Sarah had suffered from migraines for many years. She discovered how optimal movement and reducing stress with manual therapy could help with alleviating pain and reducing discomfort.

Sarah enjoys a regular yoga practice, cooking, cycling, being outdoors and travelling.