Remedial Massage Therapist


Massage therapist




Massage- 60 minutes -$95

Massage- 90 minutes-$145

Introductory offer for 3 months 

Biodynamic craniosacral Therapy- 1st appointment 90 minutes $ 120 (usual price $145) 

Follow up appointments $ 80 (usual price $ 100)

MLD + BCST-60 minutes-$120

Spinal release massage + BCST-60 minutes-$120

Low Cost Mindfulness based Psychotherapy-60 minutes-$ 65 (until December 2020)     

Samantha qualified as a massage therapist 18 years ago, she uses a holistic approach to her work, working intuitively to  incorporate craniosacral therapy and breathing techniques with deep tissue and Swedish massage depending on the individual’s needs. As an experienced Yoga and Somatic Movement teacher she is knowledgeable about functional movement and believes in empowering her clients with practices to initiate change and facilitate the healing process. Samantha has also been practicing Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy for the past 10 years and is currently completing an M.A. in Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy. Samantha is committed to the goal of enabling her clients to achieve a state of complete wellbeing and is passionate about nurturing the mind body spirit connection.


Therapeutic Massage

A deep tissue massage for chronic or acute pain. Therapy uses trigger points, myofascial release and stretching techniques to address the underlying cause of the soft tissue dysfunction and provide release from pain and spasm and promoting better mobility. Samantha strives to find the perfect balance between focus on relieving the problem and providing a truly relaxing experience. 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

MLD uses light, gentle pressure to stimulate the lymphatic system, reduce inflammation and detox the body.

What is the lymphatic system? It is the body’s waste management system: it clears away bacteria, cell debris, excess water, proteins and wastes from the connective tissues and returns it to the blood stream for removal by the kidneys. As the lymphatic system has a slow rhythm with the capillaries located just under the skin, a very light and rhythmic pressure is used to effectively move the lymph fluid.

MLD can help with activating circulation, promoting tissue regeneration and stimulating the immune system. It is often used to prepare and cleanse the body pre-surgery and to reduce inflammation and accelerate healing post- surgery. 

Samantha often combines MLD and CST into treatment for a powerful and rejuvenating treatment

 Prenatal Massage

A gentle and nurturing treatment to support the mum to be. Massage focuses on relieving the aches and pains brought on by the change and growth of pregnancy, relaxing muscles and releasing the feel good hormones which are essential to the wellbeing of both mum and baby. Samantha has nearly two decades of experience with prenatal yoga and prenatal massage, over this period in some instances she has supported mothers with the births of all of the babies in their family. Please note-appointments are usually made after the First Trimester is completed.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Biodynamic craniosacral therapy is a gentle, holistic therapy for the relief of pain and discomfort, it supports the body and mind by bringing the nervous system into homeostasis. The craniosacral therapist uses a light touch of the hands to palpate or ‘listen’ to the body’s tissues and fluids. The intention of the craniosacral therapist is: to listen to the information conveyed through the body and to support the body’s own wisdom and innate healing ability.

 It is increasingly recognised as a subtle and profound form of healing which assists the body’s natural capacity to recover. Because it is gentle it is particularly suitable for babies, those in frail health and the elderly as well people in more robust health. While it is gentle in method its’ impact is deep and powerful.

Central to Craniosacral Therapy is the belief that the body is a self -healing organism. Health is an inherent intelligence within the body. The matrix of this inherent health is conveyed to every cell by the circulation of the cerebral spinal fluid which generates subtle rhythmical motions throughout the tissues and fluids of the body. A craniosacral therapist is trained to recognise this motion.

Craniosacral therapy recognises that many factors contribute to our symptoms. These may be as varied as accidents, ageing, stress, emotional distress, poor posture, chronic disability, hormonal changes. Such experiences compromise our health and wellbeing. To a craniosacral therapist they manifest as for example, restriction and sluggishness of the natural rhythms and subtle motions of the tissues and fluids. A craniosacral therapist is trained to regulate these rhythms through touch and resonance to facilitate wellbeing.

Please visit www.craniosacral–  for more information or watch the video here explaining how CST works.

Mindfulness based Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy enables us to face the challenges in our lives with the non-judgemental and caring support of another.

Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy integrates Western Psychodynamic theory with Eastern Mindfulness and Compassion practices.

Samantha will focus on building an open, non-judgemental and warm relationship with you, within this safe holding space we can explore life’s challenges together. The difficulties we face today often have their roots in unresolved past experiences and this can cloud the lens through which we see the world, our relationships and ourselves. Bringing such experiences into present time conscious awareness begins a powerful process of healing.

The therapeutic process will focus on body sensations, thoughts, dreams and emotions. Mindful attention to yourself will result in greater understanding of oneself and others. Developing self-compassion and awareness allows the body/mind greater freedom and unlocks the potential for lasting change. 

Samantha uses a holistic, soul centred approach in her work. Living overseas for nearly two decades brought her into contact with a rich diversity of clientele from many different cultures. She is dedicated to the truth that we as humans are inherently free and have the capacity to live fulfilling lives. Samantha is deeply committed to helping her clients work towards this goal. Samantha is offering an initial FREE 60 minute appointment and Low Cost consultations until the end of 2020.


“Samantha is a natural healer and connects with people very well indeed. I, together with various practitioners in my clinic regularly refer patients to her. In such cases, patient feedback has been that the experience has been relaxing, peaceful and that Samantha is extremely pleasant, professional and highly skilled. She has been a significant asset to my team in providing a holistic approach to health care in Bahrain”

Dr L.Peters

“Samantha is by far the best massage and holistic therapist I know. We are a tall sporty family prone to back and spinal issues and she became our massage angel. She is incredibly gifted, has a great knowledge of anatomy and a wonderful spiritual quality. She will heal your body and soul.”

Caroline M.

“I can unreservedly recommend Samantha as a massage and craniosacral therapist having used her services for several years on a regular basis. Her professional skills enabled me to maintain mobility in chronically tight muscles and joints and were invaluable during rehabilitation after hip surgery. Samantha is knowledgeable, skilled and extremely thorough. As an IBCLC Lactation Consultant I have also referred babies with musculoskeletal issues and infantile colic to her for craniosacral therapy with excellent results.”

 Vicky H.