Hypnosis, Gestalt, Resource Therapy, ACT Therapy, Brain Spotting Therapy, NLP, Focussed Awareness, Sports Therapy, Narrative Therapy, CBT, Visualisation.


Tuesdays 1pm-7pm


Initial consultation 1 1/2 hours $150, follow up 1 ¼ hours $150

Rod is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapy is an extremely effective way of both changing unwanted behaviours and a wonderful way to improve something that you may be already achieving.
HYPNO / THERAPY is Hypnosis with a Therapy attached.  Hypnotherapy  is safe and natural. It is deeply relaxing and can feel similar to daydreaming. In a hypnotic state, your mind is able to take on board new ways of thinking and feeling at a deep, subconscious level. These changes occur quickly and last permanently. Rod’s  goal is to work with each individual to improve their quality of life in ways that are tailored specifically to each client and their particular presenting problem. The process is based on  counselling and during the state of deep relaxation Rod will use  the most relevant therapy  for the client.
Rod specializes in anxiety disorders, addictions, smoking problems, stress, sleep issues, performance enhancement and weight loss.


24th February 2016

I saw Rodney 4 times last year during the Football season. I was wanting some help around my sporting performance, anxiety, and sleeping patterns which were very disruptive. Rodney and I quickly developed a great relationship built around trust and openness. Rod was very easy to talk to and his insights, hypnotherapy and guidance were very helpful.
On three occasions last year I saw Rodney before a game and on each occasion I was in the top 3 best performers for my team. If you truly want to improve your sporting performance don’t hesitate to
spend some time with Rod you will love the Hypnotherapy it helped me so much



12th February 2016

Thank you Rod for giving me the future.
I’ve been a secret  smoker for too many years and tried so many different times to give up.
I really wanted to change but needed that extra push and moment in time to give me the confidence and mental edge.
I found your treatment quite inspiring – your motivating technique your confidence shared was just the key factor in my success.  It wasn’t easy some days but I just remembered the points you gave me and have managed to build a better life no more hiding and shame filled moments for me!
14 weeks later and my only regret is I didn’t come to see you earlier.

Its been almost 2 months since I last saw you. I can honestly say that with your wisdom, kind words and positive reinforcement that the way in which I organize my thoughts  (or alternatively how i don’t) has had a profound impact upon how i now view my life and live it.
The simplicity with how you taught me to deal with my emotions has changed EVERY ASPECT  of my being.
From dealing with the stresses of work through to the slow mental countdown as i lift 200kg, the methods that you have empowered me with have allowed me to pick myself up and go on stronger than ever with a skill set I never had before.
All this was made possible because of you. From my first meeting where you made me feel incredibly comfortable to open myself up, to the surprise of having our second meeting in the park…your demeanor and approach I feel made all the difference to my treatment.

Thankyou Rodney. . What you gave me will be with me forever


Recently I had 2 hypnotherapy sessions with Rod after discussing some issues I had with having a lack of confidence. After having these sessions I was surprised to find that I had the confidence to face up to certain challenges I had in my personal life. I have been able to change my life around by being more confident and not giving up on myself. I didn’t expect the hypnotherapy to have such a positive effect but I’m glad it did. I would recommend Rod to anyone seeking help with issues affecting them.


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