Homoeopath, Western Medical Herbalist


BHSc in Complementary Medicine, Dip Herb Med, Dip Homoeopathy


Thursdays and Fridays


1hr Initial $195, Standard follow up 30 mins $90, 1 hr follow up $160

Robyn was the founder of Botanica Medicines in the year 2000. After nearly 20 years of growing Botanica into the thriving business that it is today Robyn handed the reins to Qingju Meng in July 2019. Qingju will enhance the business with her passion for healing.

Robyn has been practicing her special blend of homeopathic and herbal medicine for over 35 years. The development of Botanica Medicines has been a dream realised for Robyn and she feels fortunate to be working with such a talented and experienced group.
Robyn is highly qualified with a Bachelor of Health Science in Complementary Medicine and advanced diplomas in Herbal Medicine, Iridology and Homoeopathy. She is a qualified Natural Fertility Consultant, Reiki Practitioner and Touch for Health Practitioner.
The emphasis of Robyn’s work is always on treating each person as unique, requiring their own unique treatment. She  mainly uses herbal medicine and homeopathy and has also been trained extensively in flower essence therapy. She has experience in a wide field of conditions and diseases, specialising in fertility, cancer (working with your Oncologist) digestive health, women’s health, preconception care, and stress related conditions.
In the consultation Robyn will take a detailed case history and then use Iridology and other screening techniques as investigative tools. She may require some extra tests to be done such as a Complete Biome mapping, Hair test 500 or an Adrenal Hormone Test. These tests are non-medicare tests done in the Nutripath laboratory. Robyn will then work out a special treatment plan and make any dietary adjustments.

Consultation includes extra some screening techniques. Oligoscan (mineral testing) is extra.

Robyn is also highly educated and interested in the treatment of Lyme disease which is a debilitating and many faceted syndrome just emerging as prevalent in Australia.