1 hr – $125
1/2 hr – $90
1.5 hrs – $175




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Naturopathy & Holistic Therapies

Naturopathy is an umbrella term for a holistic way of working, that supports the body to reset and restore itself.

Monica has been in clinical practice for over 20 years working as a Naturopath and Holistic Therapist. Monica seeks to identify the obstacles to health and healing, while stimulating the body’s resources to self-correct and heal. Taking into consideration the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of health, Monica uses a combination of therapies in her sessions. She may also refer for functional pathology testing, genetic testing, microbiome profiling where indicated. Educating her clients helps people feel clearer and more motivated on their journey to a healthier, happier life. Monica’s therapies include : Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, Hemaview, Iridology, Bio-energetic Sensitivity Testing (BEST), Asyra Bio-feedback, Bicom Bioresonance Therapy . Initial 90 minutes. Subsequent 30-60-or-90 minutes.

Reconnective Healing

A high frequency “tune up” for the body, mind, emotions, and energy system. Infused into the field around the body, this hands-off, no-touch energy healing clears, aligns, balances, seals and recharges the body’s energy field. Three sessions are recommended as each session builds on the previous one, to support and with the natural homeostatic harmony of the body. In short, Reconnective Healing helps the body heal itself by recharging the energy field with high frequency energy-light-information and attuning with the innate intelligence of the body. This energy goes to where it is most needed, offering resources for the body to use where, when and how. Whether it be to support healing from a physical illness, an emotional state, life issue, grief, loss, strain, fear, anxiety, relationship disharmony, work stress or an existential sense of disconnection, or just to relax and gift your body a tune up, Reconnective Healing helps the body access what it most needs now. Initial 1 hour. Subsequent 1/2 hr.

The Personal Reconnection ®

After receiving three Reconnective Healing sessions, some people are drawn to receive their ‘Personal Reconnection’. This is an activation that moves people to the next level in their growth and development in a spiritual context. This two session process reconnects and activates the energy lines and grid network of the body, re-establishing our connection with the Universal-energy matrix. Reconnecting us with our timeless self and higher intelligence, this process aligns you more closely with your master vibration. People who have experienced their Reconnection simply say, “Life is… easier”. Helping people align more closely with their purpose and life path, giving them a little ‘spiritual acceleration’. This ‘once in a lifetime’ process attunes and aligns you more closely with your spirit, moving you more gracefully ‘flow’.

Emotional Reset

This emotional reset process helps you clear negative patterns, trapped emotions, past experiences, and the unhelpful behaviours and situations they create. When you release these holding patterns from the body, you feel lighter, clearer, calmer, and more optimistic. Using a relaxed, theta mind state, the Emotional Reset Process allows the story and its components to unfold, as you are guided to a place to where your answers are clear. This safe, and gentle process resolves issues, experiences and holding patterns from the past, bringing your energy more clearly back into the present, releasing you from blocked energy and emotions. This work is beneficial for people going through periods of emotional upset such as relationship breakups, divorce, Narcissistic Abuse recovery, grief, and loss, as well helping people deal with phobias, anxiety, depression, and unhelpful habits. (3 sessions are recommended.)


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