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Monica brings together over two decades of experience in the field of Holistic Healing, helping people identify and clear physical, mental and emotional obstacles to health. Bio-energetic testing, emotional processes and energy-healing methods support and stimulate the body’s self-healing abilities while bolstering energy resources and reserves.


Bio-energetic Sensitivity Testing (BEST) 

BEST is a gentle, non-invasive process of identifying foods or substances that may be causing stress to your body at this time. Different from other allergy screening methods, this practical process is focused on what foods, inhalants or substances may be helpful or unhelpful to the body’s healing process in real time. Ideal to screen pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, infants, children, adults, and teens. It is a useful tool for your current practitioner to clarify what the foods and substances best avoided for you specifically, and to monitor your progress as your tolerance thresholds improve.


Symptoms that may benefit from testing may include:

  • Food sensitivities: bloating, flatulence, constipation, diarrhoea, gurgling, indigestion, reflux, belching, skin issues (acne, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, itching), fatigue, nausea, mucus congestion, headaches, and restlessness.
  • Environmental allergens: hayfever, sinusitis, sneezing, watery eyes, nose, congestion, headaches, redness, itching, burning, skin issues, sleep disruption, fatigue, tingling, redness, rashes, and hives.
  • Electromagnetic hypersensitivity: burning skin, fatigue, an increased allergy response (increased histamine production), headaches, sleep disturbances, burning tongue, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, nerve pain, difficulty concentrating, buzzing, feeling like a human antenna or power pole.


BEST test lists may include :

  • Foods – grains, gluten, dairy foods, meats, sugars, coffee, tea, vegetables, fruits.
  • Allergens – dust, dust mite, pollens, grasses, animals, feathers, moulds, inhalants.
  • Personal items – bring in test items such as foods, skin care, supplements, and medications.
  • Chemicals – perfumes, petrol fumes, cleaning agents, outgassing.
  • Nutrients – vitamins & minerals – nutritional deficits cause stress to the body.
  • System-energy – particularly organs, phases of liver detoxication, thyroid and general energy.


Bicom Bioresonance Therapy 

The Bicom machine is a German-made therapeutic device widely used in doctor’s offices, allied health clinics and hospitals throughout Europe, and is now in 90 countries around the world. Using therapeutic frequencies together with the body’s own energy patterns, it supports the body’s self-regulation and self-healing processes. Useful in the supportive management of allergies, food sensitivities, injuries, tissue or bone breaks, and functional disturbances.  More here.


Emotional Detox 

Incorporating a gentle collection of relaxing processes and techniques, sessions help bring clarity, insight, and release of things no longer needed. A useful tool during times of stress and strain, as you navigate personal issues, relationships, boundaries, decisions, breakups, grief, loss, difficulties, and life’s challenges. Having a regular ‘Emotional Detox’ helps you reconnect with your own answers while bringing clarity, calmness and a sense of personal alignment. More here.


Womb Healing Process

This is a meditative journey that takes you back through your womb experience, bringing awareness and healing to this deeply formative time in your life.  It is rare to get through the process of growing up untouched by trauma and emotional pain. It’s too easy to become lost in the ego-centered pain-body, losing sight of our origins, our truth, and deeper purpose. This work offers a nurturing and healing experience to those people drawn to it, facilitating a change to how these unconscious memories are carried within the body and psyche. When we have the chance to reconnect with the profound aspects of who we are, the parts we have lost touch with, a deep spiritual remembering occurs, bringing with it a calm ‘knowing’, a more solid sense of place within. With a renewed sense of things, stress and pain held in place by retained original trauma can be released and replaced with connection, compassion and unconditional love, particularly for the self. More here.


Reconnective Healing (r)

Reconnective Healing (RH) is a little bit like Reiki on steroids, encompassing a broader and more dynamic range of energetic frequencies for healing in the Aquarian age. RH is relaxing hands-off healing session that infuses the body and energy field with a broad spectrum of ‘light, energy and information’ frequencies. This energy has an intelligence to it, entraining and aligning with the body’s innate wisdom in support of healing and personal development. As a hands-off technique, it is a lovely passive way to relax while your body is infused with healing energy to replenish your energy resources. These frequencies were brought to the world 1993 through Dr. Eric Pearl, a chiropractor from Los Angeles who now teaches this work full time. More here.


The Personal Reconnection (r)

The Personal Reconnection utilises the frequencies of Reconnective Healing in very precise format. It is a process of reconnecting the gridwork between your body’s meridian system, the energy lines of our planet and the universe. The Personal Reconnection boosts the unfolding and synchronicity of your life’s purpose. Many who have experienced their Personal Reconnection simply say, “Life is… easier”. Karen had her Reconnection in 2017 and says: “The Law of Attraction seemed to accelerate after my sessions. I was able to manifest things much faster, and the synchronicity in my life was astonishing. My life took an unexpected turn for the better, and continues to do so.”

The Personal Reconnection is a two-session process. It is recommended to prepare for your ‘activation’ by having three Reconnective Healing sessions first. The more aligned and clear you are in readiness for this work, the more profound the results seem to be.  This process has a set price across the world of $333. More here.


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