1 hr – $125
1/2 hr – $90
1.5 hrs – $175


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Cancellation Policy:

We require 72 hours notice of appointment changes. Monica’s sessions are longer appointments, so when people cancel within days of their booked session, it can leave a session gap of up to 2 hours, which may not be possible to rebook. Therefore, please be aware that half the appointment fee is due if changes are made within 3 days where the session time cannot be rebooked. Cancellations made the day before and on the day of the appointment will accrue the full fee for the time held. If you are unsure if you can make it to the session then please do not book the appointment.

Monica Williams
Naturopathy & Holistic Therapies
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Ph: 0409 188 173

Holistic Therapies

Holistic Naturopathy, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine – Taking an integrated, holistic approach to health and being that supports and strengthens the body’s innate wisdom, energy and ability to heal and self-regulate.  Naturopathy uses logical resources to identify and remove the Obstacles to Health and Healing. Supporting people to manage, recover from and prevent health issues: tummy trouble, bowel issues, behavioural and learning issues, food sensitivities, stress sensitivity, chemical sensitivities, ADHD, congenital and learning disorders, dementia prevention, cancer, diabetes (type 1 and 2), chronic illness, chronic infections, skin problems, anxiety, depression, PMS, hormone issues, thyroid problems, weight gain, insomnia, auto-immune conditions, allergies and more. Helping the body to better heal itself, naturally. Working with all health conditions in adults, pregnancy, children and the elderly.  A minimum of three sessions are required. Initial 1 hr $150 1.5hr $175 (complex cases need 1.5hrs) | Subsequent 1.5hr $150 | 1hr $125 | 1/2 hr $90

Bio-testing – Working in a similar way to kinesiology, this non-invasive method enables us to access your body’s information-system to gain clarity on the underlying issues associated with health complaints. Helpful to screen for the body’s priorities, and to identify what is causing strain, inflammation or depletion to the body. Checking for food-stress, sensitivities, allergens, fatiguing factors, emotional strains, trapped emotions, chemicals, pathogens and imbalances. When we identify and remove the obstacles to health, while supporting energy and nutritional resources, the body is better able to self-heal, self-regulate and repair.  This work allows us to better prevent health issues, identifying imbalances early, and supporting self-healing mechanisms proactively. This modality can be incorporated into your Naturopathic session.

Bowen Therapy – Bowen Therapy is a whole-body treatment that works through the nervous system to evoke a deep rebalancing response in the body’s muscles, fascia, connective tissue, tendons and tissues. It helps relieve pain, tension, knots, inflammation, strains, sprains and problems in the neural and musculoskeletal system. Quite unlike massage to receive, Bowen works on a corrective level that helps to reset the muscle and stimulate blood and lymph flow. It is a clothes-on session, so wear loose, comfortable, warm clothing to your session. The work unfolds over the following week/s. Helpful for tight muscles, pain, inflammation, tennis elbow, shoulder problems, buttock and hip pain, shin splints, back problems, headaches, menstrual pain, neck problems, joint pain and oedema. Beneficial regularly as part a body maintenance protocol.  Four sessions 1-2 weeks apart are recommended. Initial 1.25hrs $125 | Subsequent 1hr $95

Emotional Healing –  This work helps work with emotional blocks at the level of subconscious holding in the body. Releasing the energy of trapped emotions allows a deeper reset of the body’s maintenance processes.  When we experience integration and release of unhealed emotional issues, we feel a lightness and release of the physical body, mind and emotional state, with an enhanced sense of wellbeing inside. This work helps get to the bottom of emotional and psychological blocks, held trauma, unhelpful beliefs, self-sabotage, unhelpful habits, painful memories and emotional pain from the past, low self-esteem, and flashbacks. The physical, mental and emotional aspects of us are all inseparable from each other, so this work helps to bring holistic integration, to better support our physical healing and a calmer set-point. Supporting the management of: anxiety, depression, stress, worry, trauma, loss, grief, PTSD, relationship issues, self-sabotage, low confidence, and blocked emotional states (such as ‘lost’, ‘stuck’, ‘confused’ ‘sad’). These sessions help reconnect and align you with a higher, integrated sense of being.  A minimum of four sessions is recommended. (Incorporating NET, MAP, Theta, Uptime Hypnosis, Timeline, & Counselling into a cohesive, integrated, relaxing, motivating session.) 1.5hrs $150

Reconnective Healing – Similar to Reiki, this healing energy offers a high frequency, broad-spectrum  ‘energy-light-information’ to the system, where the body’s innate intelligence can use it as a healing resource, taking it to where it is most needed. This is the energy force that animates life, an energy that helps us heal and restore. People have found these sessions relaxing and helpful when they are dealing with illness, stress, worry, anxiety, fatigue, life transitions, tissue damage, surgery recovery, upset, personal growth, or in the ‘end of life’ transition. This energy has been scientifically proven to enhance healing on a DNA level, improving the quality of the protein links in the DNA sequence of new cells. A minimum of three sessions are required for full benefit. Initial 1.25 $125 | Subsequent 1 hr $95

The Personal Reconnection (TPR) – after the three Reconnective Healing sessions, you are ready to receive TPR, a two-session system activation that attunes the energy matrix of the body with the energy grid of the universal energy system This work helps humans evolve and align with the energies of the Aquarian age, supporting a smoother, healthier life experience, where life flows more easily on all levels. 2 sessions $333

Ear Candling – for people experiencing pressure in the ears, sinus congestion and head congestion, ear candling is combined with lymphatic moves to help support drainage and circulation of the head and neck area. This session is a combined Naturopathic and Bowen session focused through the ear candling process, to support improved lymphatic drainage around the head and neck. (Ear candles can be purchased in the shop prior to session). 1 hr $125 | 1/2 hr $90