Bioresonate Therapist




Initial Consult (30 mins) $90

Initial Consult (2 hours) $180
includes assessment and therapy

2nd Visit (1.5 hours) $150 

All subsequent visits (1 hour) $97

All take-home remedies are available at Botanica except frequency remedies, which are included in the consult. See below for current specials & new offerings!

Qualifications: BA, Communications/Psychology, CERT BRT, Building Biology.

Michele has studied extensively in the fields of Communications Psychology, Bicom Bioresonance Therapy, and Building Biology.

She uses bioenergetic methods to screen for body strains that need to be cleared to unblock the body’s self-healing capacity for wellness. Using bio- assessment methods, emotional healing, and a process of reducing Toxic Body Load levels, Michele combines the Bicom Method with home analysis for environmental issues at home and work.

Michele uses a structured 3 Tier Living Program and 8×8 method to assess and teach ways to move you forward on a path of sustainable change for improved health and happiness.

Michele has a special interest in the health of teenagers & adolescents and can help improve their physical and mental wellbeing. She helps them to connect with their career, goals and home life habits that will help them thrive.

Checking the energy status of individuals from the effects of the digital age is her specialty.

Current Specials

1) Free Frequency Phone testing
(15 mins)

Michele rates your phone for Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) & assesses the level EMFs is in your body.

Includes information on the causes of ill health from being exposed to high EMFs. You can extend the consult which includes treatment to remove all the high and low frequencies of the body.

Normally $97
Special for July: $79 for one session

2) Jade Vitality Far Infrared (1 hour)

Jade & Tourmaline Stone Healing Mat

Perfect for knee pain, shoulder pain, tense computer neck along with other joint and muscle pains. Ideal if you tend to carry stress and tension in your shoulders or neck, or spend many hours in front of a computer screen or at a desk.

The session involves a healing Jade & Tourmaline mat, which is warm & relaxing. Come in and treat yourself, and support your body’s healing while you’re at it

Normally $120 per session 
Special $87 each session

3) Magnetic Healing (1 hour)

A special treatment that’s great for post-operative healing & injury recovery. Whether it’s for a rolled or sprained ankle, or to assist healing of a fracture or break, Magnetic Healing will be of benefit.

It supports the repair of any soft tissue damage or injury, and is suitable for both adults and children.

Normally $120 per session
Special $87 each session

4) Colour Light Therapy For Emotional Healing (1 hour)

Heal COVID lockdown blues & past traumas, unlock trapped emotions, and even release imprint of past emotions, with gentle non-invasive healing. The session is very relaxing and healing, as it reduces stress & tension.

Normally $130 per session
July/August Special $90 per session

5) Frequency Healing

Realign your body and mind and reconnect with your natural frequency.

All of the devices we use in our daily lives impact our natural body frequency which changes our natural electrical flow. These disharmonious frequencies cause blockages, inflammation, cognitive changes and other symptoms that aren’t detected by conventional means. If you’re feeling out-of-sync with your body, this is a perfect session for you.

1st Appointment (2 hours) normally $180
Special for July/August: $150

2nd & Subsequent Appointments (1 hour) normally $120
Special for July/August: $97