Bioresonate Therapist


Wednesday’s 10.00am-1.30pm


Initial Consult 30 mins $90

Initial Consult 2 hours $180.00 includes assessment and therapy.

2nd Visit 1.5hours $150 

All subsequent visits  1 x hour $97.00

All take-home remedies are available at Botanica except frequency remedies which are included in the consult.

Michele Tardini (BA, Communications/Psychology, CERT BRT) Building Biology.

Health and Happiness have been at the core of my life and I have been a Bioresonance Therapist since 2008 and was the trainer in Victoria and also committed to Building Biology (healthy homes). 

 I work with Bio assessing, emotional healing, reducing Toxic Body Load which creates disease and environmental assessment of home/work. This method is called the 3 Tier Healthy Living Program. Environmental man-made burdens like EMF overload causing sensitivity and can reduce make a change to your health for certain people due to a buildup over years from gadgets, x-rays, MRIs, phones etc which most people have endured.   Working with young adults and helping their pathway is needed as student health which can create all manner of issues like physical, mental and negative attitudes can be healed due to lack of sleep and frequencies disturbance to the body. Addictions to the internet is causing health decline and parent work overload, partner/family issues, entitled children, past abuse, loneliness and pain, all bank up and may cause blockages, stress, weight issues dis-ease. I even offer career guidance with a professional to move you to another level. 

The 3 Tier Living Program and 8×8 method will educate you and move you on a path where you can manage and make a real sustainable change towards health and happiness.


The 3 Tiered Healthy Living Program is a European method which includes 

BODY- Frequency therapy, 

MIND- Calming your emotional triggers, 

 ENVIRONMENT- Clearing your living space.

You can participate in 1, 2 or all 3 areas to complete the circle of health. It is up to you.


“Unfortunately Australia does appear to be the food allergy capital of the world with Melbourne leading the way” explains Professor Katie Allen, of the Murdoch Children’s research Institute in Victoria.

For decades I have been guiding people in areas of wellness and life-changing habits using the European frequency methods combined with Building Biology.

Triggers for your illness or malaise can come from many sources, food, our emotional reactions, stored past trauma, our teeth, or toxic environment which you think is clean, fresh and healthy. 

It has been shown that our environment may cause disharmony from Sick Building Syndrome or Geomancy. E.G The ABC building and RMIT in Melbourne and a child care facility in the Blue Mountains all had a sickness cluster, and are classic examples of Building Biology facilitating illness.

 Recharge Life is the name of my business and I am motivated to help you step over the line towards happiness and overcome your out of balance mind, body and environmental issues. You will be educated about what may be your triggers, rebalance your Total Body Load, and calm the mind. 

A 20 min free phone call to assess if you feel this is the right pathway to your health.   

Many people are eating healthy foods but their health is suffering, why?.  Your food choices may ok for your family but not ok for you and you may be eating it a few times a week. It could be as innocent as chicken, mushrooms or toast and vegemite.  

Your partner, best friend, family or your children can be causing your illness through stress or the man-made environment like your mobile phone/iPad/laptop which is not far outreach. How is that affecting you as there are multiple ways your habits create and trigger your health issues.  We can remove the EMF burden buildup in 1 – 2 sessions, and teach you how to live healthier in your home

3 Tier Healthy Living Program

MIND – Clear your emotional Overload What is triggering your emotions to fall out of balance?  Is it the food you are eating, the company you keep, the media you are engaged with, your thought patterns of the past or future? 

Do you place your self last and are married to your children/work, not your partner.  Are your friends causing stress, do you suffer social status anxiety ( Melbourne is the capitol for this) or are there cultural family history negative patterns you are expected to uphold causing stress?

 Do you have a past issue you are holding onto to which gets triggered? You are in a safe place to release these trapped emotions and triggers, you do NOT have to explain anything, our methods can help you reduce the effects and calm your system which may be causing dis-ease.

BODY – Using frequencies to create balance The European solutions using frequency therapy to create wellness could unblock years of overburden in your body.  Living in this world where our body is disturbed by disharmonious frequencies upsets the natural earth balance which creates body harmony. The Schumann waves will be reconnected with you to create calmness and flow. This European solution using frequencies to create wellness could unblock years of overburden in your body. If needed or required we coordinate this with our reverse aging organic skin treatment from Botanica. Not only do you become a balanced person on the inside but the inner glow translates to an outer glow and therefore happiness.

ENVIRONMENT – Clearing the toxic soup in your home.     What kind of environment are you living in?  An expensive home does not guarantee a healthy home.  If required, we can assess your EMFs, water or mould with my equipment and certified labs and remedial assessors for environmental stressors that trigger your health issues.

House Testing 

Water Testing (heavy metals) available POA

Mould Testing POA

EMF Testing only: from $250.00

Soil Testing: POA 

House Solutions

-Tesla Gold EMF Harmonizer From $350(personal) – $950( 30 Meters)

-EMF Shielding for: New Builds, renos, geopathic stress, inverters and smart meters

-1 X hour consult re new build or reno adding healthy materials. Discussing Sustainable healthy living materials with myself ( Building Biology & Architecture Graduate in designing healthy homes)  This will set you on a clear path to remove toxins from your environment.   1 x hour $180        2 x hours $240                        


I can organise a talk or demo for mothers groups/fundraisers on how to live a  healthy life/ renovation/new build, and how to change to a healthier home and reduce the EMFs to stop the health triggers.  Other topics:

Why am I sick, peeling back the layers

FREE 15 min call 0402303899 for more details


Degree: BA Communications/Psychology (RMIT 1982)
Diploma of Natural Health Sciences (2008)
Certified BRT Bioresonance Therapy (2007 Adelaide)
Certificate Feng Shui and Geomancy
Trained EMFs & Geopathic tester
Building Biology
( ACES, Australian College of Environmental Science): Geobiology, Air Pollution, Air Sampling (2010-2012)
Touch for Health ( Kinesiology)
Cert Colour Light Emotional Therapy (2008)


 Industrial Hemp promotion for healthy living, super foods, healthy homes and saving the environment.

2018 – 2019   -Committee member

2021 – present   – Head of Marketing and promotions

My Own Company

Promoting Healthy living by creating a resource to find all products and ways to help our environment with Industrial Hemp ( this is not a smokable product) Innovation to replace plastics and save fish by using Hemp oil for omegas and amino acids. ( Botanica sells this oil)

Hemp Media:  Produced an online magazine Promoting healthy living through promoting to the public super foods, healthy homes and new ways of purchasing non-toxic products, and reduce plastics and trees felled with an online magazine and working with the Australian Government, associations University of Melbourne Engineering Department.

Agrifutures Government Project.

Working with Industrial Hemp Alliance to promote Industrial Hemp throughout Australia.

Botanica sells Hemp Products for health and well being which are supper foods and saves the planet.