Pharmacist & Western Medical Herbalist


Wednesday’s 10.00am-1.30pm


Initial Consult 30mins $90

Medical herbalists rely on gentle herbal medicines to restore wellness to as near as normal for any individual.  Pharmacists are uniquely positioned to advise on medications. More and more people rely on complementary medicines to balance their medical treatment, to fill nutritional gaps caused by their medications, or to reduce the risk of a disease state progressing. With qualifications in both, Gerald therefore can guide the integration of herbal and complementary medicines, thereby reducing any potential risk of interaction, and increasing the restoration of wellness. Gerald graduated as a pharmacist in 1970 and as a herbalist in 1999 after he realized that health challenges weren’t being met by prescribed medications. With over 20 years of media experience, Gerald understands how frustration can creep in when your quality-of-life deteriorates. Gerald works alongside you to restore and maintain that quality.