Intuitive Readings and Healings

Colleen is also available for phone consults




Healing 1 hour – $150

Psychic reading Combination Clearing & Healing together 1 hour $200.

As I’ve been offering phone consultations to my international and interstate clients for the last 20 years it makes sense to make phone appointments available to my Botanica clients now.

A psychic healing begins with a question

“How would I like to be feeling by the end of the session?” 

That’s where we start, and while other things might come up that I’ve intuited; 9 out of 10 times everything resonates with the client.Generally, people feel like we’re just having a friendly conversation, but interesting issues may pop up and I clear them.People can feel more clear headed and more focused and refreshed, as if they have more internal space after a 1 hr session.

If time will allow, I’m offering a general clearing for the family and the house as everyone is living so closely together at the moment (this is included in the 1 hour session)

I look forward to talking to you soon. Call me direct on 0415 828 059 to make an appointment. I work Wednesday through till Saturday


The general purpose of a healing is to re-set the body’s natural instinct for healing.
While people may come with a specific problem or issue that can be a focus, the overall intention is to clear the redundant energy.
This will then reactivate the soul’s innate ability to attract and revitalize the person with the energy that best suits them.

This is a gentle experience of infusing the whole being with colour and sound that will leave you feeling empowered, clear-headed yet relaxed.
Resonate Essences may be used.