There are many factors that can affect your sexual drive and function.

There are many factors that can lead to low libido in both Men and Women. These factors fall into four main areas; Social, Hormonal, Physiological and Psychological.

Social factors can include interpersonal problems within a couple, meaning lack of intimacy or attraction to a partner. Long term relationships and marriages can begin to bore with routine sexual relations.
Hormonal changes have a large impact for women, due to changes in oestrogen and progesterone that occurs during menstrual cycles. There is a pattern of low libido immediately prior to menstruation for women. Women’s sex drive can also be affected during pregnancy, nursing, and menopause.
High cortisol levels in men as a result of stress can affect testosterone production at any time, resulting in decreased functionality and libido.
Physiologically a common factor affecting men is erectile dysfunction and ejaculation problems. Women are affected by genito-pelvic pain and vaginal dryness. Also, medications such as SSRI’s for mental health can affect libido.
Psychological factors affect all parts of life, including people’s sex lives. Particularly in depression, stress, anxiety, and exhaustion.

What teas are good for increasing Libido?

We have put together two lovely tea combinations, Libido Tea for Women and Libido Tea for Men. Within these blends, there are a number of ingredients that may assist with increasing sexual function and overall libido.
Horny Goat Weed has long been used for sexual performance problems, such as erectile dysfunction (ED) and low sexual desire.
Shatavari is known for assisting with female health and libido. It works to increase sexual sensation for women and increase libido.
Tribulus is widely known for its ability to increase testosterone levels in men and increase libido.
And Ashwagandha is a fabulous adaptogenic herb, assisting the body to cope with stress and also act as a general tonic. It may also increase sexual desire in both men and women.


Lifestyle factors that could assist with increasing Libido

Decreasing stress will directly have an impact on your libido. As previously mentioned increased cortisol can affect both men and women when it comes to sex drive. Try including meditation, regular exercise, a healthy diet to manage your stress levels. There are also other supplements such as B Vitamins and magnesium, or herbs like Withania, Siberian ginseng and Rhodiola that can assist with the body’s ability to cope with stress. Herbal teas like our De-Stress Tea can be included as well. For more information on any of these supplements, you can visit our store, call us or email so one of our qualified Naturopaths can assist you. Contact us

Negative thoughts and emotions can sabotage your best efforts at relaxing.  Just like the diet, thoughts and emotions become habits. Concentrate more on what is going right. Be happy & contented for all you have.

Spice up your life and introduce new activities for yourself, and with your partner. This doesn’t necessarily have to be in the bedroom, it might be new adventure in the outdoors on the weekend or taking up a new sport or hobby together. Increasing your overall happy hormones and endorphins may assist with your sexual desire.

Other options for increasing libido

If you feel that there might be more to your reasons for decreased libido, then seeking the assistance of a qualified Naturopath or Homeopath would be of great value. At Botanica we have a number of highly qualified therapists who could tailor a personalized treatment plan just for you. Simply visit our website and see who fits best for you Practitioners

Additionally seeking out the help of a counselor for any mental/emotional factors that may need to be resolved would be of assistance.

If there are more physiological factors that women are worried about then visiting your Gynaecologist would be of great benefit

If you would like to discuss any of these points mentioned please don’t hesitate to contact one of our qualified Naturopaths at Botanica.

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